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Direct, Solid and in your face with a lot of Marine Corp attitude is the best way to describe the way David Kurz comes across his audience. The best part, THEY APPRECIATE IT! In David’s experience the best way to help someone is to be honest, real – yet effective enough to be to ensure everyone walks away with knowledge and tools to use in their businesses.

David focuses on Sales Professionals by helping them have the foundation work required to grow a business. David focuses highly on developing a foundation ensuring his audience understands the importance of it from a sales development standpoint. David has been featured on TV, web series shows, keynote seminars and interviews.

All to discuss how sales professionals and business owners can more effectively run their businesses utilizing the foundation work set forth. Allowing them to understand the clear and simple ways they can focus on growth AS LONG AS foundation is in place.

David has been helping Sales Professionals become profitable in their businesses for many years and now has focused on the business owner.

A business owner himself, David has utilized the strategies he preaches and will not instruct, teach or vouch for something he has never proven himself.

David Kurz focuses on the Entrepreneur. His slogan “Coaching Entrepreneurs Into Success” is a strong representation of his philosophy. Many people want to be entrepreneurs but few have the knowledge on where to begin and how to succeed. It’s imperative for David to ensure he is opening the eyes of an entrepreneur and moving them forward in their businesses. David is driven by his Marine Corps history. “No” was never the correct answer. “I don’t know” was never the response given. Quitting is not an option. Success through your team is critical. Never holding back is imperative. This is why David’s entire campaign revolves around the words; TAKE ACTION!


The 1st thing David brings to light is how to develop a foundation and put it to work for your business. Nothing is more critical than having a foundation. No matter the size of your business or the volume you do, foundation is so important. The 2nd part is coming up with the appropriate plan of attack for your business. David helps entrepreneurs focus on the important attacks required to move forward. David helps his audience focus on developing an attack plan and breaking it down so it actually gets accomplished. Lastly, David focuses on TAKING ACTION!

Many professionals focus on learning and training and more learning, They walk away from each lesson with an abundance of knowledge and never put any of it into action. David helps entrepreneurs TAKE ACTION by working on their mindset. Helping them break past the glass ceiling and actually put the things they want to do into effect. David builds his company on these standards. David went from $0 to a $60M pipeline and 5 agents to over 80 agents within the first 6 months of business and closing well over $500M in business.

David Kurz has been awarded the Entrepreneur Start Up award, The Most Innovative marketing award and the 100 Most Influential Realtors recognition.

“TAKE ACTION – A plan without action is NOTHING!”

David is the author of The Blueprint, Strategies to Developing a Strong Real Estate Business. The book has been a catalyst for so many business professionals already. David also authored the book Take Action, a Billion Dollar Business Foundation. You can find these books and future ones on Amazon – Just search David Kurz and you will find his work!

David Kurz is a natural in front of a crowd. He feels most comfortable when speaking to people and giving them as much as he can. It’s natural for him! Hiring David Kurz to speak will motivate and educate your audience. They will walk away mentally enhanced, pumped up about the work they do and with the tool needed to do the job.


Some speaking points you can expect David Adam Kurz to focus and expand on while giving his presentation.

  • Create your business ATTACK PLAN and the implementation of TAKING ACTION
  • Create a foundation for your business that you can build upon forever. Don’t be short sighted with your business.
  • Begin every day with focus on maintaining your foundation and feeding it. Keep in mind as your business grows, your foundation will need extra attention.
  • Being an entrepreneur is not easy! It takes hard work, determination, commitment and most importantly – ACTION. If you do not TAKE ACTION in your business, you cannot move forward.

ARE YOU READY TO HIRE DAVID TO SPEAK AT YOUR NEXT EVENT? Just email David(at)TheKurzTeam(dotted)com for more information on availability.

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