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About David Adam Kurz

David Adam Kurz is a successful real estate professional in based in Southeast Florida. WIth Miami as a hub he is able to help his clients on a global scale. David has sales team positioned through the country to better serve his clients. David, his teams and his brokerages have surpassed over $500 Million in sales over more than a decade....

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David Adam Kurz

Books By David Adam Kurz

Take Action

Most entrepreneurs don't know how to take the proper steps to move forward and build a foundation that will forever hold their businesses upright. No matter how many mistakes you make moving forward, if you have a strong foundation, it’s much easier to recover from your mistakes. This is where David Kurz and his book, Take Action can help.

In David’s book, you will learn how to get your foundation in order so you can develop your business to the point and level where you want to be. In the book, David will help you learn how to figure out what that is, lay out the plan to get there and Take Action. This foundation will be a great way to maintain and consistently grow your business. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but when you Take Action and dedicate yourself to your business, it will be more rewarding than any career you could have chosen. The book title says it all, just Take Action.

The Blueprint

A real estate agent, going from a few transactions a year, to multiple deals a month takes more than just hard work. You need to have the right mindset and team supporting you. Most real estate companies claim they offer their agents training and support. But when you look closely the training is not tailored to the things you struggle with. Here you will have guidance from two prospective on how to immediately generate business in Real Estate by:
• Learning the basics of marketing
• Knowing who to be in front of and why
• How important social media is to your business
• When its time to add business partners or affiliates to your business

It’s not an easy business, but its an amazing one. David hopes this book puts in simple terms what you need to do to grow your Real Estate Business.

Miami Mansion

The Enterprise Network is a group of agents that focus real estate topics, knowledge and share their expertise. Started by David through the real estate agents he coaches and the real estate agents within his brokerage in order to have a higher level of communication

David also has a coaching program where he focuses on 1 on 1 coaching with real estate professionals. This is more of an exclusive platform as David limits the amount of people he will personally coach. Those agent who join EXP Realty directly with him receive this coaching free of charge.

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The 10 Percent
Miami Mansion
Miami Mansion Edition

The 10 Percent - Miami Mansion Edition with host, David Adam Kurz. In this 10 part series David will focus on the most amazing mansions Miami has to offer and the TRUE Miami Culture!!

David will explore homes from the infamous Star Island to mansions in the sky of Coconut Grove, Miami. David will also introduce you to some of the best parts of Miami culture! Bringing you what no other real estate show has ever presented - THE REAL MIAMI!!

You can view the show on YouTube as well as IGTV @DavidAdamKurz

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Affiliated Companies

Real Talk
The Real Talk Conference

The Real Talk Conference was created and designed with the true real estate entrepreneur in mind. Its a full day conference focused on raising the bar in your business and helping you LEVEL UP. Take your business with the tools and trade specific systems you will learn at Real Talk Con and grow your business by 100% - 400%.

We lay out everything from massive mindset, business and client development to technology in the Real Estate space. There will be no stone left unturned! This conference is tailored with your success in mind.

Get ready to take in massive information and get ready to TAKE ACTION in everything you do!

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The Take Action Podcast

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